01/14/2022 - The Complex - 1/14/22 Competition day at TC

AO: The Complex

When: 01/14/2022


Number of Pax: 21

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names:

QIC: Mary Lou


Friday Fun at TC after a long week of beatdowns.

Teams Competition at The Complex!

Agenda: Disclaimer, Warm-o-rama, divide into 2 teams, pick captains and battle it out on the asphalt…you have a 50% chance of leaving TC a winner and 100% chance of burning >600 calories…pretty good odds of walking away with something!

Bring coupons, gloves and brass knuckles. Limited running, lots of reps, full body, no coupon carry race but there might be a keg carry race. YHC says read my lips: YOU WILL BURN AT LEAST 600 CALORIES


Motivators from 6 with double time on the steps

Toe Taps into squats (called them Waterfalls)

  1. Fire Drills – Pax chop feet, YHC yells Fire and pax drop to ground, roll and do a Merkin, roll other direction and do a Merkin and burpee back into standing position where they continue to chop feet


The Thang


Countorama: 21 pax.

Scoint into 2 teams. YHC did not participate given the odd number and fact that YHC over engineered this Q (more on this below). Ha!


Competition 1: 8 cones.

Pax lines up and took turns running to one of 8 cones that are spread out 5 yards apiece. First team to complete all 8 exercises won. Exercises included:

100 Rocky Balboas, 40 shoulder tap Rocky Balboas on coupon, 16 burpees (no Merkin), coupon curl 21s x 3 sets, coupon chess press 21s x 3 sets, .15 mile mozy, 10 LBCs-20 resurrected cockroaches-30 crab cakes, bear crawl 15 yard and crab crawl back.

Competition 2: called it a coupon inchworm: 3 coupons set on 3 parking spot lines. Pax in single file line. First pax runs to coupon, completes a shoulder press and moves coupon to next coupon, picks up next coupon and competes a bent over row, places coupon in 3rd spot and completes a Merkin, moves 3rd coupon to next parking spot line. Essentially, all coupons continually move down the parking lot. After completing, the pax runs to the back of the line and completes 5 air squats.

Competition 3: connect 4 with 2 different color solo cups. Single file line, pax runs out around cone and back to the game board and places cup. Once he places cup, he moves to back of line and completes 4 big boys. Once pax places cup, next in line sprints around cone and places cup on board. Winning team gets 4 in a row.

Competition 4: keg and coupon carry race to T intersection and back. Rule was that each pax had to take turn carrying keg in each leg.

Final score: Team IPA 2, Team Stout 2. I don’t remember who won what but I know it was a tie.

Finished with Mary.

High plank for 10 seconds low plank for 10 seconds. Alternated for 60 seconds.

American hammers IC x21

LBCs IC x 15


Circle of Trust

Columbus brought up AAR (which was awesome): Pax liked variety of the exercises, level of detail. Areas of improvement: none mentioned but my sense is that the plan had too many details which were  confusing that may have led too much downtime.

A lot of things to talk about leading up to this Q, but it all changed when I found out the FNG was showing up. The FNG is a friend that finally took the plunge. Used COT to explain to him the impact F3 has had on my life: shared the fact that my blood pressure was very elevated pre F3; through the regular exercise and benefits of living a more regimented life, my blood pressure is back in the normal range. Thanked FNG for showing up and welcomed.him to the group.


Naked Man Moleskin

Really enjoyed planning this Q and the different competitions. Watching the PAX compete, work hard and laugh is super rewarding. Moreover, I was pumped to compete in the games. However, there is definitely areas of improvement. Trying to cram this many games in a 45 minutes period was too much. Some of these competitions required too much detail/instruction and I found that valuable exercise time was being wasted.  My plan contemplated approximately 14-16 Pax showing up. Given there were 21 and the fact that the wind screwed up my 8 cones competition, I played MC role vs. competing which was a bummer. Although, this was a great reminder that plans change and you must improvise. At the end of the day, ensuring that the Pax had fun, we’re safe and got a good workout outweighed me sitting out.

Thx to all Pax for coming out and thanks to Columbus for your support and having my 6. Columbus rightfully suggested during the last keg carry/coupon carry race that we didn’t have enough time to complete another component of the competition. Having this kind of support/guidance is invaluable while Qing, given the adrenaline pump I felt.


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