02/20/2021 - Iron Lion - 6:30 run club at Iron Lion after a 5:15 Q. (why the f did I do this again?)

AO: Iron Lion

When: 02/20/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Cousin Eddie, Face Plant, Loud Speaker, Sputnik, Sulley, Trailer Park,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:

QIC: Wine in A Box


yay. run club. cool. I love running. for realz.

My 26 layers are already wet from the 5:15 boot camp.

The trails are ice AF. So we will do endless loops around the Lisle High School.



Abe Vigodas


The Thang

Mosey to Lisle High school parking lot.

Run around said high school at a pace faster than a walk most of the time.



Meet back at flags at 7:25

Feel intense self loathing at losing all my cardio in 2 weeks letting my knee heal.

Circle of Trust

I talked about sacrifice and taking time out of your day to help the homebound services channel. We are rapidly expanding our capabilities with the food pantries, Hesed House, and Love your Neighbor. We can only do so and help those less fortunate than us with the help of all the PAX in F-3. So if you havent yet, get on the homebound services channel and SACRIFICE a few hours out of your week so help those less fortunate than us. We are all blessed to be able to get up and exercise ITG, so lets sacrifice some time to share those blessings with others.

Naked Man Moleskin

Mr Nice Guy and Loudspeaker took off like antelopes and quickly pulled away from the pack.

Cousin Eddie and I were next . .  until I rapidly started losing pace. Trailer park then joined Eddie and they rapidly outpaced me and the rest of the group that I joined.

Faceplant, Sputnik, Sulley and I were in group, until I started running out of gas and Faceplant suggested a 3 minutes run, one minute walk option. I eagerly accepted as I was running on empty (Note to self . . . SELF, if you going to lead 2 Qs in a day you had better damn well get your Fing cardio up first. And get some calories in you first. You ass.)

During the 1 minute walk Faceplant and I caught up on old times, while sputnik and sulley kept running around us and laughing at my inability to run. (Ok . . I made the last part up  . . .. I think).

Why do I do this.

I dislike running.


I think Ill buy a bike and do bike clubs in the summer.

Because I am not a runner.

I try to be a runner.

But I hate running.

F you running.

and . . . . . scene.

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