11/25/2020 - The Outpost - Black Wednesday OG OP 11/25/20

AO: The Outpost

When: 11/25/2020


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Flea Market, Hot Lips, Uncle Rico,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:



M had set an alarm for 4am and woke me up asking are you going out to workout, I told her ya but I already had an alarm set. Still in bed laying there I was hoping for snow to be on the ground so that I could last minute modify my workout. So, I got up finally did my morning ritual of getting ready; using the big boys potty, getting all workout gear on, and throwing my coupon in the back of the car. As I pulled the car out of the garage my phone was set to the radio playing some Motown classics but I continued driving I needed to get into the mood and was fusing with what to listen to, finally settled on 90s hip hop, you could never go wrong with the 90s to get you pumped and ready to go. It was about 445 when I arrived at the OP when I saw a single car sitting in the parking lot and Hot Lips sitting there in his car taking a nap or getting mentally ready for the work out of his dreams. As I was starting to get warmed up I started thinking of what to say at the end of the workout so started to look up verses for defeat. As I began writing my speech, Uncle Rico pulled in and followed Flea Market. As the time approached I looked around to see if anyone else was going to join the crowd.  Then I began my opening statement:

My name is CVS this is a free, voluntary, and peer-led workout and ends with a circle of trust and prayers. I am not a professional trainer, I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness conditions, so please modify as needed and everyone stay safe.


Arm circles forward 10, backward 10

Tapi taps 25

Abigoda 25

Motivators from 5

The Thang

Thang 1:
25 Blockees
25 LBC w/coupon
9 Coupon Squats
2 Laps

25 Thrusts
25 Overhead Lounge each leg counts 1
9 Cowbell swings
2 Laps

25 Dips
25 Curls
9 Derkins 
2 Laps
Thang 2:
Roll of Thunder (TPS Report Idea)
50 Chest press
9 Merkins w/coupon or modify with out coupon
Ran out of time so went to Mary
25 American Hammers
Ring of Fire 9 merkins each

Circle of Trust

Continued prayers for Hasselhoff and his family for this difficult time of losing their daughter at such a young age. We pray for them to have the strength and peace to get through this hurt especially during the holidays that are coming. We pray for those who have lost a family member caused by Covid19 or any other unexpected health issues, we pray that God keeps watching over all those who are traveling or the gatherings that we are having during these holidays and to watch over those who are deep in our hearts.

Naked Man Moleskin


“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Since this year began I always felt like I was winning. Winning at life, work, marriage, and many other things in life. I felt like I was invincible and that I was the best at everything. I always talked so highly of myself and praised myself like a God. Then the biggest test came to me, I have never thought I would go through so much hurt, pain, misery, and so many other feelings I have never felt. I have never felt the pain I feel when I lost someone who was a distant relative but feeling the pain of losing my son, I felt the most defeated in life. There were times where I felt if I couldn’t finish a workout here at F3 I felt defeated, I felt ashamed and unable to complete any workout. I felt defeated when the first year of becoming an Assistant Store Manager Trainee I was passed up. But like the scripture said I kept trusting in the Lord and giving my all to him, he has turned my life around and continued to bless me with everything good in life and much more which makes me feel I’m winning again. If you are feeling like you have been defeated and can’t back up, I challenge you to just read the scripture above and use it in everyday activities and trust in the Lord and you feel and see the difference in your life. I am truly thankful to being part of this brotherhood in F3 and for the friendships I have gained while being here and for my family especially my M cause she knows how difficult I could be sometimes.  I wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Until next time,


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  1. David Tellez

    It was a good workout this morning CVS. I’m glad I made the hr drive to attend. I’m proud to call you my Son. But next time let’s keep it Dry.😂

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