01/20/2023 - The Outpost - Merkin Mania

AO: The Outpost

When: 01/20/2023


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:

QIC: 2 Hand Touch


We will be moving around the AO as a group, we will be doing body weight exercises, and oh yes will will get ourselves re-familiarized with all different versions of The Merkin.

Leave your coupons and sandbags at home, bring gloves, and we will primarily be on pavement.  Get that mind right for some proper form merkins.  There will be music too, I’ve heard people like that kind of thing.

HC below for some of this fun 😀.

Stopped over at parking lot by fitness center to set up cones and chalk, glad I got to get my hands warmed up after that.  Ran through the workout in my head one last time to make sure I didn’t forget anything.  Planted the flag, and was appreciative ground wasn’t frozen.  PAX were rolling in and some quick mummblechatter before we kicked off.  5:15…..let’s get it.



  • Tappy Taps 6 IC
  • Side straddle hops 15 IC
  • Tie fighters 10 IC forward and 6 IC backward
  • Seal claps 10 IC
  • Arm stretch behind for 8 count

The Thang

Thang 1: Rugby with a couple merkins

  • Rugby run 2 lines out to the parking lot next to fitness park – 3 burpee penalty for a dropped pass
  • Stop 1/2 way and stay in lines, one line starts with 5 burpees OYO while other line holds high plank – then switch it up
  • Rugby run rest of way to parking lot

In the Parking Lot:

Cone 1 – merkins

  • Circle up for merkin wave 5x
  • Regular merkin 20 IC
  • HR merkin 15 IC
  • Wide arm merkin 16 IC
  • Diamond merkin 16 IC
  • Carolina dry dock merkin 16 IC
  • Irkin 20 IC
  • Merkin wave 10x

Cone 2 – air squats 20 IC, 20 OYO, Hillbilly’s 15 IC, air squats 15 OYO, side straddle hops 15 IC

Rugby Run to baseball field pavilion

  • Rugby run 2 lines to pavilion – 3 burpee penalty for a drop

Thang 2: bear crawlin

  • Circle up around pavilion, Bear crawl around clockwise for one complete circle
  • Step ups 20 OYO
  • Circle up around pavilion, Bear crawl around counter clockwise for one complete circle
  • Step ups 20 OYO
  • Derkins 15 IC
  • Mosey back towards flags, stop at end of fields for last set of merkins 20 IC


  • In circle side shuffles clockwise for one, then reverse for one
  • Big boys 20 IC
  • Heel touches 15 IC
  • Leg lifts 15 IC
  • LBC’s 20 IC
  • Superman 15 IC + hold

Circle of Trust

CoT: managing stress for the sake of family

With everyone now fully back to work and with school and family activities back in full swing I wanted to emphasize what I think is important is to not bring stress back home with you and try not to let it permeate the household.  In addition to all 3 levels of F3 helping deal with stress, some additional techniques that have worked for me are to almost pull back from yourself and see yourself in that stressful situation in the 3rd person, breathing techniques, and just know that the stressful situation can and will pass.  Want to help give all tools because I do think it’s important to not bring stress back into the household if possible.

Naked Man Moleskin

It’s always a party out at Feel Good Friday’s out at The OP!  Snoop covering the 6 and the PAX bringing the energy out there, Chaps lighting it up.  We also all had a chance to wish Barf Bag good travels on his upcoming trip across the pond.  For this Q I had to do a little studying to make sure my instructions for a proper form merkin were accurate.  Better late than never to learn how to do a proper merkin right?

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