01/12/2022 - The Complex - Mogadishu Mile at TC

AO: The Complex

When: 01/12/2022


Number of Pax: 25

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Smokey


Work, then fun and games.

Bring weight: Coupon, Sandbag, or Ruck.

Wear a vest if you want to level up.

Let’s go get some.




PAX from near and far rolled in and gathered ’round. Core principals were dispensed, weight was gathered, and we moved to Thang 1’s basecamp- the basketball court.

Part of Thang 1 involved a 1/4 mile run with weight. For a warm up, we moseyed the route (a wide route around the baseball field). At different intervals, we stretched out the hammies, quads, and hips.

The Thang

Thang 1: The Mogadishu Mile. With your weight (coupon, sandbag, ruck…dealers choice), complete the following:

19 reps- Ground to overhead press

19 reps- front squat

19 reps- Merkins (one hand on coupon/sandbag/ruck at all times, left then right for a total of 38 actual Merks)

1/4 mile Run with your weight

Exercises were OYO, plank on your weight when done for the 6.  Run was as a group. When some got out front of the group, stop and hold plank for the 6 to pass, then resume.

Thangs 2 & 3 (the fun): No time

Circle of Trust

Prayers for Columbus’ family and Chachki’s family friend.

CoT: Motivation for this Q comes from the book I just finished reading, “All Secure” by Tom Satterly. Tom was a 20 year member of Delta Force, and part of the Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) in 1993, the longest sustained battle for the US military since the Vietnam War.

19 US soldiers were killed. 73 were wounded.  Two Delta Force operators, Randy Shughart and Gary Gordon, were posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for their selfless actions protecting helicopter pilot Michael Durant at the second crash site. Durant was captured and held captive for 11 days before being returned (he had a broken back and shattered femur from the crash).

Three marriages and a near suicide later, what I took from All Secure is the scars the surviving soldiers carried with them after the Battle.  Unless we ask, they want to share, and we listen, we don’t know the trauma another person has endured. What scars they carry. I hope we can all walk with more empathy for the brother next to us as we move forward.

Closed with a prayer.

Naked Man Moleskin

Outstanding turnout from a wide ranging crew today.  After Shandy HC’d and Leuben committed to his glorious return to the gloom, @@’d called for a NCHS reunion.  That got Woody to renew his passport, grab a truckload of dudes, and head up from Crossroads.  Late in the day, the OP faithful decided they wanted to see what a workout with more than 8 people is like (their words, not mine…), so we had a nice little Rhinestone, Crabby, Croppy element.

Great weather and a great turnout.

I grossly underestimated the Mog Mile. I had it as kind of a walk in the park and had a fun little Thang planned where we would push & pull each other on sleds.  Instead we got through a chunk of the final 1/4 mile run at 0600.  That’s on me.

I was blown away by the push from the PAX.  The OYO format of the “work” let guys modify as needed and work at their own pace. On the run, the group out front that would plank for the 6 at the midway point could see how hard those PAX were pushing themselves. It was great stuff.

Thanks to all those who came out, especially the non TC/DT/IL regulars!


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