01/14/2021 - The Citadel - Momentum

AO: The Citadel

When: 01/14/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Bobby Fischer, Cataracts, DJ Sump Pump, Dr. Dolittle, Fargo, Handy Manny, Lawnmower, Puddles, Subway, Sweet Gherkins, Toadstool, Trailer Park, Zima,

DR Names: n/a

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: n/a

QIC: DJ Sump Pump


I planned really hard all night for my wo. I hope the others appreciate it! LOL


All in cadence.

15 good mornings

15 tappy tapps

10 abe vigodas

20 high knees

10 arm circles front and back

The Thang

We mosey’d over to the next parking lot and did a circuit of suicides between 6 parking lines and when finished did a lap around the parking lot. Rise and repeat. My strava had tracked each circuit as approx. 3/4 mile. All the Pax completed between 3-5 circuits.

Circle of Trust


The idea behind my workout was to mimic how in life when you start gaining momentum there will always be times when you have to stop, go back and start back up again. It may not be easy to stop and start up but in life that is what we have to do to continue forward. Life isn’t about how fast you finish, life is about regaining your momentum when you are forced to stop. We all have the same finish line and we will all get there one but in the meantime its how much you can keep regaining momentum when its required.





Naked Man Moleskin

Anytime you think you lose momentum, push a little bit harder and go a little bit farther the next time and if you have to do it again push even harder the next time. Its that extra push that will give you the momentum you need to continue on your journey.

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