10/13/2021 - Iron Lion - PREBLAST IRON LION-SOPH Q- BC

AO: Iron Lion

When: 10/13/2021


Number of Pax: 21

Pax Names: AOL, Baby Hands, Bootlegger, Cable Guy, Cousin Eddie, Daisy, Goldberg, Hootie, Mr. Nice Guy, Nacho Libre, Riunite, Ronda Rousey, Sockeye, Speaker City, Townie, Unicycle, Upper Decker, Wine in a Box,

DR Names: Squawk Box and Banana Hammock not listed in PAX locator

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: Laimbeer


Sophomore Q @ IL. Don’t confuse “soph” with “soft”, because come morning, dues will be paid.
YHC is bringing back the encore of the VQ paired down from an hour to 45 min.
What you won’t get? Running. What you will get? A shoulder and core burner (and non stop movement) that is sure to leave you sore a few days.  YHC will also intro some shoulder stretches to help prevent injury that you can use at any post.  Have a kettlebell between 18 and 44k you like? Bring it.

Meet at the Lisle HS East parking lot/athletic field

:gloves: :heavy_check_mark:
:athletic_shoe: turf
:vest:  if you have one…hell ya!

HC:arrow_heading_down: (edited) 


Welcome/Disclaimer/F3 Principles (still a bit nervous on the soph Q and muddled through the principles).

  • Mosey around the Lisle HS island to get the blood flowing.
  • SSH IC 30
  • Interoir Shoulder Stretch demo’d OYO 30 each shoulder
  • Static Rotator Cuff Stretch demo’d OYO 10/30 each shoulder


  • Demo’d Thang 1 exercises under the lights.  Count off 1-4. Grab your coupon and kettlebells and mosey to Thang 1.

The Thang


Seven of Diamonds-Focus on form.

  • Station 1-Overhead Press
  • Station 2-Kettlebell Iso Shoulder Press
  • Station 3-Blockees
  • Station 4- Hinged Waist Bird Dog Rows
    • Rifle Carry between stations.  If you finish before your teammates, SSH.  If you arrive at a station prior to other team completing station, SSH until they are done.  They key is constant movement.


100 Yards and Crawlin’

  • Drop your coupon at the 50 yard line.  Cones are set up every 10 yards up to that 50 yard line.  PAX start at the back of the endzone.  Bear Crawl to a cone line, LBC’s IC 25, Bear Crawl to cone, Big Boy’s IC 25, Bear Crawl to cone, Superman’s Q count 30, Bear Crawl to cone, Pilates 100 IC, Bear Crawl to cone, American Hammers IC 25, Rifle Carry 50 yards to goal line, J-Lo’s IC 25.

Mosey with  Coupons to Mary.


  • Interior Shoulder Stretches, OYO 30 each shoulder
  • Static Rotator Cuff Stretch OYO 10/30 each shoulder
  • Upward Dog-Hip flexor stretch OYO 30
  • Lower Back/Hip flexor strech OYO 30

Recover Recover

Circle of Trust

I had started off by telling the PAX that I felt I had a tall order to follow up my VQ CoT as it was my belief I had delivered on it…or so I thought.  I had been racking my brain trying to think of something good to talk about for an encore.  I was even on my phone looking up motivational quotes trying to find something. Trying to figure out ways to spin different quotes.

Last night I went to bed still unsure of what the heck I was going to say to 20-some PAX this morning to jumpstart their day.

Then at 0330, it hit me…

The day prior I was at Wide Rights’ Dark Tower Q.  Afterwards at Coffeeteria, Wide Right, Unicycle and I were discussing the Buffalo Bills (shocker, right?) and the use of RB’s Devin Singletary and Zack Moss.  I had mentioned how neither RB could step up and distinguish themself from the other runner.


I realize that both of these men have more God given talent in each of their pinkies then probably all of us at Naperville F3 have in our entire bodies.  But that is what bothered me!

Those two men, with all the talent bestowed upon them, neither of them will step out of the shadow of mediocracy.

Yesterday at Wide Rights’ Q, some PAX were walking on the back side up to the lot…walking 2/3’s of the way through the workout.  Why?  Did these men wake up and say to themselves, “I’m going to get up early to be mediocre”?  I doubt it.

Mediocracy plagues our society.  I fall prey to mediocracy from time to time, too.  But, as men of F3 we have the opportunity to overcome this issue.  We get up early to start our day with a workout while most other people sleep.  Don’t waste this opportunity!

If we F3 men give 1% to 10% above what you think you can give in everything that we do, whether that be our workouts, raising our kids, our jobs, or anything else that is a focus of your life…you will be successful.  You will find success in your workout and what you are trying to accomplish.  You will find success in raising your kids. You will find the success you hope for at work.  You will find success in everything that you do.

Will there be hurdles? Yes, of course.  But success will come to those who consistently strive to push past mediocracy and give that 1-10% extra.  I challenged all the men at this post and I challenge the men of F3 Naperville to give mediocracy the big FU and fight to give 1% to 10%…EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

No  PAX had any prayer requests so we closed with The Our Father.

Naked Man Moleskin

I told the PAX at WaR that they would get their rest time in the form of some stretching at the end of WaR and during Mary.  But, in exchange I let the PAX know that Thang 1 and Thang 2 were going to involve constant movement.  We were going to GRIND! I expected the PAX to go hard from WaR to Mary.  I received a resounding “Aye”!  The PAX did not disappoint.

Side note…want to keep the Nacho story hour to a minimum? Keep the post on the hustle.  I don’t think I heard one, “when I was growing up” story this morning.  Side-side note…If I’m talking a little trash to you…you’re alright in my book.

Shot out to the guys who showed up wearing extra weight…Nacho Libre, Cable Guy, Baby Hands, Hootie, WiaB, Bootlegger, Rohnda Rousey, Daisy, Riunite, Goldberg, Q.

Shot out to the guys who EC’d to support Riunite in his 5k a day quest…Riunite, Daisy, Baby Hands, Goldberg, Q.

AAR…During 100 yards and Crawlin’, Goldberg told me after the fact, I need to remember to call out “exercise” instead of just beginning to count.  It was crazy fast paced and it’s true what they say, counting during exercises is harder then it looks.  Good for the lung capacity.  Only way to get better is keep Q-ing.  Another one in a few weeks lined up at DT.

As always, thanks for welcoming me into this circle of brothers.  I’m stronger with you all…even you Nacho.

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