12/31/2020 - The Citadel - Spartan 3000/300

AO: The Citadel

When: 12/31/2020


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Blues Clues, Cataracts, Cousin Eddie, Fargo, Glenn, Harbaugh, Moonlight, Serena, Wide Right,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cousin Eddie


The REAL run club is at the Citadel tomorrow for the last day of the year 12/31/20. 5:15am.  HC in the thread.

The Scene:  19 degrees and cloudy.  I wasn’t going to chance running on the trails since the snow turned into ice overnight.  The parking lots were slippery enough but I managed to find some clear lanes for the PAX to complete the task.

Welcome & Disclaimer

F3 is:


Open to ALL men, 

Peer led in a rotating fashion

Held outdoors rain or shine, heat or cold.  

Ends in a Circle of Trust

I am not a professional.  You are here of your own free will.  I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. It is your responsibility to be safe and modify exercises as needed.  Maintain 15 feet between you and the next guy at all times.  In cadence (IC) is the rhythm in between each rep or the body movement between each rep.


Triangle Taps (IC – 4 count) x 20

Goofballs (IC – 4 count) x 20

Monkey Humpers (IC – 4 count) x 20

The Thang

Spartan 3000/300


Run/Sprint 100 yards, 10 merkins

Repeat 30 times

Moonlight tried to convince me that there were only 200 Spartans, maybe 180.  On the last sprint, YHC almost spilled merlot.

We finished about 5 minutes before Mary so YHC instructed the PAX to run to the other traffic light and then back to the flags at their own pace.


Blades of Steel (IC – 4 count) x 10

Runner’s Stretch, left leg forward, hold for 30 seconds, switch, hold for 30 seconds

Hamstring stretch, left leg over right, hold for 30 seconds, switch, hold for 30 seconds

Crouch stretch, left leg out, right leg bent, hold for 30 seconds, switch, hold for 30 seconds

On your six, butterfly stretch until 6am

Circle of Trust


Make America Burpee Again, month of January, 100 Burpees per day for 31 days


We prayed for Batgirl and Wine in a Box.

Naked Man Moleskin

The last day of the year.  It has been quite the year.  For the most part, on social media and in the news, this year has sucked.  But for me and my family, we have tried to maintain positivity and look on the brighter side of quarantine.  I have also tried to teach my family what it means to be critical thinkers and to not believe everything you read, see or hear in the media.  Both sides of the spectrum are at fault with this.  Extremism in any form is bad for government and for relationships.  Compromise is found in the middle.  Objective journalism is where you find truth.  As we look ahead at another year and the hope of our lives getting better, I challenge each of you to look into your hearts and minds to not contribute to the echo chamber but to find your own voice and speak the truth.

When the carols have been stilled,

When the star-topped tree is taken down,

When family and friends are gone home,

When we are back to our schedules

The work of Christmas begins:

   To welcome the refugee,

   To heal a broken planet,

   To feed the hungry,

   To build bridges of trust, not walls of fear,

   To share our gifts,

   To seek justice and peace for all people,

   To bring Christ’s light to the world. 

(by Michael Dougherty, a variation on Howard Thurman’s ‘When the Song of the Angels is Stilled’)



Cousin Eddie

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