10/08/2021 - La Luz - Stay Hard

AO: La Luz

When: 10/08/2021


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Abu, Bob Ross, Captain Underpants, Chihuahua, Clearcoat, Grimace, Mr. Miyagi, One Bar, Richard Simmons, RoachCoach, Rusty, Toadstool,

DR Names: Inchworm, Aguila & Mr. Magoo

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: Aladdin


Pre-Blast • La Luz • 10/8/2021 0515

@channel La :bulb: the baby kissing is over. Time to put you Boyz through the ringer. If you’re a little sensitive I’d choose another AO tomorrow. It will be high pace, intense and in your face. If that’s your type of thing HC :point_down::skin-tone-4: Bring your coupons just in case and I’d recommend a towel to. SYITG #stayhard

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5 Core Principles
Let’s Party!!!


Good Mornings IC 12

Blarts IC 15

Abe Vigotas IC 12

Motivators from 8

Mosey to Thang One (Stairs right on the River – west side – north of the bridge) 


The Thang

Thang One (Stairs right on the River – west side – north of the bridge) 

Flutter Kicks sitting on the edge IC 25
Rocky Balboas IC 25
LBC’s on the edge IC 25
Rocky Balboas IC 25
Flutter Kicks sitting on the edge IC 25
Rocky Balboas IC 25
Thang Two
Baton Death March (fast line performs 3 burpees) (slower line – reg Indian run)
Stop at sand west of river south of Illinois bridge (also right on the river)
Broad jumps Rinse & Repeat (x 3)
Mosey across the street to park district parking lot
Gloop Burpee Shuffle (12-14 parking spaces)
Burpee for the 6
Mosey across bridge cross underpass to boat loading area south of the bridge east of the river
Railroad tracks on sand (x2)
Jump squats 15 (right on the river LITERALLY)
Shoulder Taps IC (25)
Mosey back to the flags on opposite side of the river along the trail across the La Luz bridge, It was magical!!!
Recover recover

Circle of Trust

God doesn’t keep score the way we do. -One of life’s most transforming truths. (Book: Home Run)

I shared with the PAX my oldest turning 12 yesterday. I opened up on how oftentimes I feel I come up short as a father. Parenting is a tough gig. I had been evaluation my experience as a father, lots of emotions good and bad. I wrapped up with sharing how I had not read my 10 pages yet and when I did the sentence above is what I read that day. I felt it was God speaking directly to me. He told me “Son I appreciate you have high standards for yourself, you’re doing the best you can, keep growing. Kevin Myers is right be glad I don’t keep score the way you do” I chuckled and was amazed once again with the holy spirit. The more I seek, the more I find. Glory to God!

Prayers for Angie, Aaron Sinta, Rustys Dad, WP and all those prayers left unspoken.

Final Prayer

Naked Man Moleskin

It was an exciting morning. Fridays at La Luz be LIT!!! We had a lot of high ranking lol OG’s in the house. In all seriousness it was awesome having them in attendance, I made sure we put some respect on those names. I felt like Urkel when instruction the PAX from thang to thang. I don’t know how I feel about that. RC was busting my chops, and I love him for that. Him and Rusty were being knuckleheads on Thang One and I had to TAKE CHARGE quick. GTE23 taught me that. I wasn’t about to lose the grip on their necks. We turned it up quick as I said we would. They were on my time and I intended on squeezing ever ounce of effort out of them, I didn’t care If they got pissed that’s why I set the expectation the night before. Cadence was on point of maybe I’m just being not so humble right now. The sand broad jumps were money dood! I hate those mofos. The Gloop Shuffle is a solid kick in the you know what yet I could of tighten it up a bit of gave clearer instructions. The bigger crowd made a few thangs more difficult than normal, problems I tell ya. The railroad tracks were cool and us falling in the river while jump squats was even cooler. The mosey back to the flags was a riot. Abu was singing a song I’d have to Google and Cap was his second voice. Speaking of Captain Underpants, homie crushed it. He brought his A GAME. The energy was electric, something I can type about yet you still don’t FEEL the experience. I was on cloud 9 all day. Ended with a nice AAR. Mr Miagi I appreciate you being there more than you know. QSource was the cherry on top of the F3 Sundae!

Too much F3 cool aid blah blah blah yet here you are reading till the end.


Aladdin signing off…

See you @ the TOP!

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