06/06/2023 - The Outpost - Summer Gains in the Air

AO: The Outpost

When: 06/06/2023


Number of Pax: 21

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:

QIC: 2 Hand Touch


Pre-Blast Outpost Run Club

Tuesday 6/6


It’s been a minute since I’ve had the chance to Q a workout.  With summer gains in the air, come ready to bring it tomorrow at The OP.  Setup will be accessible to all skill levels, but will still look to push all skill levels.

HC below, get that mind right, and be ready to light that 🔥

After setting like 5 different alarms to make sure I didn’t sleep in for my first Q in a while, got to the AO a little early to set up the track.  Conditions couldn’t me more ideal.  Was able to get a warm-up job in as part of it, and even saw Bean Counter as he was rolling in and sneaking a park at the course.  Met Stairmaster right before the start and heard his story about losing 35 pounds!!!  Great work, how do you not get the juices flowing after hearing a story like that.

5:15, go time


Abe Vigodas 10 IC

Dynamic stretching – Open the gate, close the gate

The Thang

Will be an interval run on the path that goes around baseball/softball diamonds and parking lot.

40% at 100%

60% at 80%

The 100% intervals will be split into 2 different sections, will be identified by cones and chalk writing.

Give instruction to the loop that we are following, but note that chalk writing will provide directions as well.

I want you to push yourselves during the 100% intervals.

Back at flags by 5:57 for quick Mary


Freddy Mercuries 15 IC

Flutter Kicks 15 IC

Superman 10 IC

Plank until 6:00

Circle of Trust

Where we get most growth is at end of workout and when we are tired.

I just came off of what was a pretty crazy month of May and early June for me (family events, work, etc).  It had me reflecting on what had just transpired.  In the same way that when we push ourselves at the end of the workout since that is the point that you get the most gains (and which I wanted to emphasize today during these 100% sections), in our lives outside of these workouts we need to continue to give our full effort, especially in those times where we may be emotionally and mentally tired.  In the same way it is in those moments that we can get the most mental and emotional gains, because we learn how much can be overcome.  That is also a reason I would highly encourage anyone who hasn’t already participated in one, to do a GrowRuck event at some point.  So as we get into summer and schedules can start to change up on us a bit, make sure to remind yourselves that it is in those times where we are emotionally and mentally tired that we need to especially continue to push and grow and get gains so that we can become stronger for our families, friends, communities, etc.

Naked Man Moleskin

It was friggin awesome getting back in the Q saddle with the crew that was out there at The OP that morning.  Energy was great, and guys were pushing themselves out there.  Witnessed 3 different PR’s that morning, great work Bean Counter, One Eye Willy, and Initech in those PR’s, amazing.  Shout out to Chaps who went opposite direction on the path helping keep an eye on things.  Shout out to Body Glide for covering the 6 and collecting cones that I probably would have forgotten.  Body Glide also heading out to Iowa to crush Iron Man 70.3 this weekend. What a morning.

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