12/31/2020 - Dark Tower - TBD & Aflac’s Annual NYE DT Beatdown

AO: Dark Tower

When: 12/31/2020


Number of Pax: 30

Pax Names: afib, Aflac, Appletini, atat, Baby Hands, Ball Boy, Bjorn, Bobby Fischer, Bongo, Curds, Drago, Ebeneezer, Face Plant, FakeID, FIB, Jackie Chiles, Leuben, Muggsy, Nair, RoachCoach, Ronda Rousey, Shandy, Sparky, Storm Chaser, Sweet Gherkins, TBD, Toady, Twilight, Waterfall, Wine in a Box,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: TBD & Aflac


Welcome to the 3rd Annual TBD & Aflac NYE DT Beatdown.  Shit is going to be epic.



F3 Core Values

Inch Worms x 10

Good Mornings x 10

Goofballs x 10

Arm Circles 10 and 10

Mosey around the lot

Side Straddle Hops x20

The Thang

Thang 1: The 12 Months of Exercises

For each month, an exercise beginning with the letter of that month will be performed in repetitions of 20 followed by another 20.  Once the reps for that month are complete Pax perform a mosey and hold plank once they return until everyone is finished.


Jan – Jump Shots (AKA Bobby Hurleys)

Feb – Flutter Kicks (with coupon)

Mar – Man Makers

Apr – Antonio Browns

May – Mountain Climbers

Jun – Jumping Jacks (AKA Merkins)

July – Joe Bidens

Aug – American Hammers

Sept – Sit Ups (Big Boy)

Oct – Overhead Press

Nov – No Hand Merkins (AKA Hand Release Merkins)

Dec – Dips


Thang 2:  Curl Muthaf**ka (A TBD Original)

Very simple…..Every time the song said “Curl”, Pax Curl.



Big Boy Sit Ups x 30

Freddie Mercuries x30

Circle of Trust

TBD shared a poem he wrote titled “A Look Back on 2020.”  Disclaimer:  I am not a professional poet, this poem contains language and material that some may find offensive and the viewpoints do not reflect those of F3 Naperville 🙂

A Look Back on 2020 By: TBD

Not long ago, 2020 just meant being able to see with no glasses
But now it will forever be known as the year life was shoved up our a**es

Started the year with excitement, setting goals and plans to give back to others more
But plans were quickly ruined once that old lady added bat meat to her soup di jore

It was a year dominated by suck and something I hope to only live through once
Let’s recap some of the shit that went down these past 12 months…

First news about the virus sounded like a bad flu mixed with congestion up to the head
We were advised excessive hand washing, wipe downs and a few days of lockdown should stop the spread

Most people remained calm waiting to hear more on the issue
While some dipshits panicked franticly clearing stores out of tissue

We saw downtown bars get shut down and those that tried to open were threatened
Empty streets filled by suburban white girls w starbucks cups preaching about racial oppression

Beach season was cancelled as was almost every public pool
The f’**king blonde waitress from Jackson Pub quit and went back to school

Birthday and holiday wishes had to be yelled from a car door,
Appletini canceled his July 4th party, the only thing he is good for

Lockdowns and boredom increased and Pax did what they could in order to manage
Like At At who rewatched every Bachelorette season in both English and Spanish

Curds offered to talk politics with anyone that would listen
Onions wrote love letters to each of his boyfriends in prison

JC drank Dewers like it was going out of stock
Shandy played Fortnite talking shit to little kids on his block

Workouts were adjusted although not being together was hard
Pax resorted to garage burpees, driveway lunges and running laps in the yard

We saw some good things happen proving the year wasn’t completely lousy
HIMs still found ways to give back like the initiative lead by my guy Rhonda rousey

Many HIMs also welcomed new 2.0s, adding new dad to their heading
Which means not only the virus but also Ms legs were doing some spreading

Brothers, remember that better days will soon follow as this shitty year comes to an end,
The White Sox are fu**ing stacked while the Cubs are stuck rebuilding again.

The time has come for us to reflect, regroup and focus on making ourselves better
Strong leaders like the HIMs here in this circle are needed now more than ever

I’ll close by sharing some of my core values that I still hold to be true,
Lead by actions, Don’t let your kids be assholes to others and respect those risking their lives to protect ours like our brothers in Blue.

The End


Pax took a few moments to pray in silence especially for the families of Noonan and PSL that God watch over their families during this first holiday season without them.

Happy New Year to All You HIMs and looking forward to another great year ITG







Naked Man Moleskin

Onions Fartsacked

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