08/18/2020 - The Citadel - The ooopsie – he’s not always on your right.

AO: The Citadel

When: 08/18/2020


Number of Pax: 25

Pax Names: Blow Dry, Bob Ross, Bobby Fischer, Boxcutter, Carmen SanDiego, CVS, DJ Sump Pump, Enron, Flo, Handy Manny, Milton, Nala, Pork Rinds, Quarter Cart, Rusty, Sosa, Sweeney Todd, Sweet Gherkins, Thomas Tank Engine, Thumb Drive, Toadstool, Trickle, Twilight,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Lewinsky


Beautiful summer morning to celebrate a two year anniversary. Appletini was nowhere to be found.


Good mornings 10
Arm circles 10/10
Imperial walkers 15
SSH 20
Mosey to and round big parking lot to the south
w/ coupon
Curls 25
Overhead press 25
Chest press 25
Repeat coupon exercises

The Thang

w/ partner
Partner 1 starts exercises, partner 2 backpedals 50 yards and runs back to switch with partner 1 until all exercises are complete.
100 Burpees
300 Squats
150 Big boys
300 Overhead claps
150 Merkins
300 Bobby Hurley’s

Most groups got through big boys and started overhead claps

Broke into 2 groups to race 50 yards
Group 1, then group 2 (repeat back to starting line)

6 MoM
American Hammers 20
Flutter kicks 20

Circle of Trust

Happy 2nd anniversary to Half Price who started with me at Dark Tower 8/18/18.

Thankful for being invited to this group 2 years ago. Amazed at the growth of the region.  Regardless of the AO I show up to each morning, there are a few newbies I don’t recognize. Continue to show up.


Naked Man Moleskin

I was excited to lead on my second anniversary. It’s been a great experience that has allowed me to grow in mind, body and spirit.  Thanks to all those who show up every day to push themselves and others.
It’s always a race and there’s always someone to chase.

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  1. Mike Williams

    Don’t forget Judge Smails, i.e. the weight around Bob Ross’s neck

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