01/13/2022 - The Complex - Where the 4u& is he going now

AO: The Complex

When: 01/13/2022


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names:

QIC: Blueprints


New Year! New Goals! Good Old Ruck Club! We will go out, we will come back, we will go up, we will go down, we will go left, we will go right, we will go over, we may even go under. Grab your ruck, your waterproof shoes and gloves and join us at TC. Kindly drop an HC in the thread below so I know how many donuts to bring.





Capri Lap with Dynamic Warmup

– High Knees

– Butt Kicks

– Karoke Left and Right

– Open the gate-close the gate


Abe Vagodas – IC

Arm Circles (Forward and Back) – IC


The Thang

*** “I don’t really have a plan… (lots of Mumblechatter and jokes) … so lets just head North and see what happens”

Put on our packs and Wondered the AO Aimlessly

From parkin lot, counter clockwise around the ball fields with stop at the corner, Plank for the 6 and 5 Tempo Merkins

From corner to pavilion for 10 Tempo Dips

From Pavilion to SE corner of the park with a few hill repeats sprinkled in for good measure, Peoples Chair for the 6

45 Squats – OYO Focus on Form

From SE Corner to SW Corner stopped for 6ish Tempo “MJ’s”

– MJ’s are – Hold Ruck straight out in front and on mu up raise to overhead, then on my down return to straight out in front.

*** At this point Columbus took of after the Deer that were hanging out in the field.***

Cusack to the Right field foul line of the adjacent ball field.

Drop your Rucks

Sprint to Second Base, and Back, Repeat until Ann Arbor gets it right

From Right Field to the path above the Dugout with a few hill repeats AND a Bernie Sanders hills sprinkled in for good measure.

Plank for the 6, One Tempo Merkin

From there back to the Lot via northern route

Box Cutters until 5:59 & 3/4 (According to Columbus count we did 69)

Star Gazers

Recover — Recover


Circle of Trust

I was planning to Map out an elaborate route with a secrete message and some really cool PT last night but then I got in a fight with my M… and spent the rest of the night doing dishes.


So my COT is Communicate, I have been married 19 years and have had many fights with my wife over the years. When I look back almost all of them have really been about one thing. Poor communication. Assuming, when your are not sure, expecting the other to know what you are talking about, especially when you have not conveyed it. These are not the recipes for success.  So men, whether its with your Wife, your Girlfriend, your kids, or your co-workers, be clear in your expectations and honest if you are not sure what the other is saying.


…So you don’t end up on the couch like YHC!


Let’s Pray…

Dear Lord

Thank you for this day, for these men, for the opportunity to join together in the gloom to get better every day.

Please hear the prayers on our hearts and be with our friends and family that need you, especially the PAX that are dealing with Covid and other health issues.

We ask this in Jesus name,



Naked Man Moleskin

I always struggle to find ways to make Ruck Clubs more interesting and a more complete body workout.

My biggest frustration is finding ways to keep the group together while making sure is getting enough work.

Today’s ‘Pearls On A String’ type workout seemed to do a decent job of that. The mile count was not very big, maybe 1.5, but I got a decent sweat on and my arms/ shoulders where definitely feeling it by the end.

Hopefully others agreed.


FNG Today – “Playdate” – Was the Boyfriend of MomsGroup’s daughter. Hopefully the antics of a few PAX who where chasing after deer did not scare him off. He lives at Four Lakes so hopefully he’ll post at IL

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