03/03/2020 - Iron Lion - AO VQ: A Miyagi Beatdown

AO: Iron Lion

When: 03/03/2020


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names: afib, B+, Baby Hands, Belichick, Face Plant, Goldberg, Hootie, House Arrest, Karl, Mr. Belding, Mr. Miyagi, Nacho Libre, Ronda Rousey, Sputnik, Townie,

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Fredo, Strange Brew

QIC: Mr. Miyagi (F3 Naperville)


I posted the first time at Iron Lion back on 2/12 and had a great time, mostly because the PAX are a little crazy…I mean fun. So when I got home I started scouring the Q Schedule for an open date to Q. Not surprisingly, I had to wait 3 weeks…but the day has come! Beautiful March morning for a beatdown! And here is how it went down….


Mosey round the lot with coupons
Happy Jacks IC 6 Sets of 5
Mosey round the lot somemore with coupons
Bat Wings ICx10 each
Mosey round the lot somemore with coupons
Abe Vigodas ICx16

The Thang


Thang 1 – Legs
Goblet Squat – 40 reps OYO
Gorilla Walk with coupon 25 yards
Jump Squat with coupon – 30 reps OYO
Gorilla Walk with coupon 20 yards
Pulse Squat with coupon – 20 reps OYO
Gorilla Walk with coupon 15 yards

Thang 2 – Chest
Step Over Merkins – 20 reps OYO
Crawl Bear & Block – 15 yards
Derkins – 30 reps OYO
Crawl Bear & Block – 20 yards
Chest Press – 40 reps OYO
Crawl Bear & Block – 25 yards

Thang 3 – Biceps
Curls: Bottom to Mid – 30 reps OYO
Lunge Walk w/ coupon 25 yards
Curls: Mid to Top – 30 reps OYO
Lunge Walk w/ coupon 20 yards
Curls: Bottom to Top – 30 reps OYO
Lunge Walk w/ coupon 15 yards

Thang 4 – Shoulders
Carolina Dry Docks: Feet on coupon – 20 reps OYO
Bear Crawl & Block – 15 Yards
OH Press – 30 reps OYO
Bear Crawl & Block – 20 Yards
Front Raise – 40 reps OYO
Bear Crawl & Block – 25 Yards

6 MoMs
Up Down (Twilight Special – Courtesy of Morgan Wallen’s Up Down) – Hold plank 6″ off ground, extend arms to high plank then back down on “Up Down”

Circle of Trust

CPR/First Aid Training on March 19 from 7p-10p Qed by The Cornbread and Hotbox

Thursday QSource at Mariano’s 75th and Naper Qed by Rowdy Ronda Rousey

Wednesday and Friday QSource at…nevermind. Nacho Libre insists ALL will be joining QSource East.

Loaves & Fishes volunteer and food donation opportunity on March 26, TBD on the Q.

We prayed for Noonan & family, Bump & family and the The Good Lord giving us the will to post on this beautiful morning.

Naked Man Moleskin

As husbands and fathers we have an obligation to our families to take care of ourselves. As Dredd points out in in Q1 Get Right, you first have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. Posting ITG affords us weight loss, burgeoning muscles, stress relief and more but that is not the whole picture. There can be hidden issues lying in wait to derail us. You owe it to yourself, your M and your 2.0’s to get checked out. For a measly $75 you can have you heart scanned at Edward’s Hospital, hit up Afib for details. Just do it and hold your F3 brothers accountable to get it done.

Shout out to Face Plant for having our six today, to Strange Brew and Fredo for joining us ITG and to Baby Hands for Tank Top Tuesday!


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  1. Nacho Libre

    Baby Hands goes sleeveless and everybody makes a big deal out of it. I go commando and nobody says a word! Other than that, excellent work as always Sensei. Love me a good old fashioned whupin’. But, still can’t figure out why you think we’re a little crazy.

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