11/18/2020 - The Outpost - Fun In The Dark

AO: The Outpost

When: 11/18/2020


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Caboose, Choo Choo, Elway, Handy Manny, Leuben, Lewinsky, Mayhem, Quarter Cart, RoachCoach, Sweet Gherkins, Toadstool, Trailer Park, Trickle, Uncle Rico, Ziplock,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Cub Cadet

QIC: Handy Manny


As I sat on the couch Tuesday night, pulling together the workout I would Q on Wednesday at The Outpost, I tried to think of something that would keep the PAX moving while allowing us all to stay safe.  I decided to focus the workout in the soccer fields, thinking it would allow for plenty of room for the PAX to spread out.  I decided to use a workout similar to one I had done at The Holy Hill a month or so ago, however, I decided since we are on grass, why not throw in everyones favorite….murder bunnies.  The plan was set. However, I was concerned that the field would be dark and my cones may not be visible, so I went online to see if any stores carried lighted cones and had them in stock.  I was going to go pick some up, but I could not find any.  Something to pick up before my next Q.  I checked my preblast post to see how many PAX had HC’s before I went to bed and we were sitting at 8 including me.  At this point I considered to potentially change up my workout and use pavers, since they were still in my car, but held off as I thought there may be some additional HCs still coming in late.  As I woke up at 4:30, got ready and checked my preblast, sure enough we had doubled our HC’s to 16.  I headed to The Outpost  to set up.  As I pulled into the lot, there were a few cars already there.  It was 32 degrees out.  As I grabbed my cones and headed to the field to set up, it was so dark out that it was nearly impossible to see the cones that I set up until you were almost right up on them.  I headed back to the flags and got the party started.

Welcome and Disclaimer provided.

Onto WoR


Warm-up (IC)
  1. SSH (30)
  2. Abe Vigodas (16)
  3. Goofballs (15)
  4. Tappy Taps (15)
  5. Arm Circles (10/10)

Mosey to the soccer field with coupons for Thang 1.

The Thang

Thang 1 – Triple Nickel

  1. 5 Blockees, run to the 2nd cone (30 yards), 5 Bonnie Blair’s (each leg = 1/2) – Repeat 5 Times
Thang 2 – Fun in the Dark
  1. Start on running path and murder bunnies to 1st cone, perform 25 Irkins, run backwards to start
  2. Run to 1st cone, pick up coupon, murder bunnies to 2nd cone, perform 50 Curls, run backwards to start
  3. Run to 2nd light, pick up coupon, murder bunnies to 3rd cone, perform 75 Coupon Squat, run backwards to start
  4. Run to 3rd cone, pick up coupon, murder bunnies to 4th cone, perform 100 Tall Coupon Chest Press,  run backwards to start
  5. Run to 4th cone, pick up coupon, murder bunnies to 5th cone, perform 125 Coupon Dips run backwards to start
  6. Run to 5th cone, pick up coupon, rifle carry back to 4th cone and repeat all the way back to the original starting point.

Mary (IC)

  1. Outlaws (25)
  2. LBCs – high legs (20)
  3. Flutter Kicks (20)

Circle of Trust

CoR:  16 including 1 FNG

Announcements:  24 hours of workouts 11/28 – sign up to participate, 10 year F3 Anniversary, Other updates see Slack

Name the FNG:  Cub Cadet


Prayer Requests offered up.

Closing Comments and Prayer:

As we enter into the holiday season, think of those around you that may be alone, isolated, cut off due to COVID and give them a call, write them a letter, send a card, send a gift – just do something to let them know people are there for them.  This is especially important given many of us will not be visiting family this year.  It is our job to lead during these trying times and help make sure others know we care and we will get through these tough times together.

Naked Man Moleskin

After the workout was completed, RC offered up an AAR, which is great.  I thought it was amusing that the opportunity for improvement was to have lighted cones as I was just investigating this purchase the night before.  It is always good to receive feedback as we can always improve on something.

The workout kept all moving the entire time, allowing all to move at their own pace, while still staying together.

The one thing I did notice is that mumblechatter quickly picks up when you say the words “Blockees” and “Murder Bunnies”.

Everyone crushed it today.  Nice work men.  Until next time….

Handy Manny


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