12/07/2021 - Iron Lion - Iron Lion BC 12.7.2021 – Constant Warm-O-Rama (because it was the first really cold day of the season)

AO: Iron Lion

When: 12/07/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Backdraft, Barbara, Cowbell, Dutch, hot box, Sputnik, Sulley, Upper Decker,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Sulley


This was the first day of the season where temps were below 10 degrees.  It was cold, wind was light.  The idea was to keep the pax on the move and keep everyone warm!


Idea here was to really get the pax WARM!

Motivators from 6

Abe Vigoda’s (may have been windmills because we went fast – it was COLD)

Arm Circles

Runner’s stretch

Mosey to the first location

The Thang

We moved around the AO making a few stops along the way.  The idea was to run enough to keep everyone warm enough to do the “thangs”, but not turn this into a run club.  We left the coupons at the flag, moved around, and reunited with the coupons for some tabata.

We did some big boys, run, step ups, merkins, burpess, squats, a bridge bear crawl – (bridge was lit and beautiful).  Added in some wall sits, side straddle hops, a couple of hills, LBCs, more motivators, more motivators (from 5) and moseyed bag to the flags.

Back at the flag YHC had a set of 6 exercises with specially selected tunes to convey the CoT message.  We had 6 “thangs” we did twice.  –  Curls, Bobby Hurley’s, overhead press, side straddle hops / mountain climbers, chest press, and some American Hammers in cadence.

6 o’clock came, it was awesome.

Circle of Trust

Main point was the song Ali in the Jungle by the Hours.

“It’s, not, how you start, it’s how you finish,
And it’s, not, where you’re from, it’s where you’re at

Everybody gets knocked down,
Everybody gets knocked down,
How quick are you gonna’ get up?
How quick are you gonna’ get up?”

We are where we are.  We need to improve, it’s not always linear.  Get after it.  It’s a time of wrapping up this year, taking stock of what we’ve done, and setting goals for next year.

An unintentional statement that resonated well with a few pax was that it will not get much colder than today, so keep coming and get better!

Naked Man Moleskin

Great group today.  We also discussed what gloves worked and which ones do not.  The jury is still out on this.  By the end, all seemed sufficiently warmed.

After Sputnik suggested that pax take their coupon in their houses for the night to keep them warm and in turn keeping hands warm, Hotbox needed a hotbox to get his coupon out of the frozen tailgate / latch / cover system of his pickup.  Luckily Sputnik offered a rental coupon for the day and Backdraft offer the use of his reliable Honda Civic anytime.  Spare coupon was used, each pax drove their own vehicle home.  YHC suggested parking vehicles inside of houses at night to keep them warm and functional.

It was a fun morning and a good day to get used to what is to come.  Light winds made it bearable.  Picnic tables had been removed from the gazebos, so YHC had to modify as necessary.  It worked.


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