01/11/2021 - Iron Lion - Jump Rope required NO burpees NO running

AO: Iron Lion

When: 01/11/2021


Number of Pax: 26

Pax Names: B+, Barbara, Bootlegger, Cade McNown, Catfish Hunter, Chazz, Corningstone, Cousin Eddie, Dorn, Ebeneezer, Glass Joe, Hard Hat, hot box, Krampus, Magellan, Mellencamp, Mr. Belding, Nacho Libre, Nosejob, Ozark, Radio Flyer, Riunite, Sputnik, Sulley, Urban Cowboy, Wine in a Box,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Cade McNown

QIC: Mr. Nice Guy


REQUIRED – Jump rope
Bring coupon (might use it)
Bring footwear to jump
There will be NO burpees
There will be NO running

Got there a little before 5, a number of PAX doing EC, wanted to make sure that the timer and music worked and everything seemed to be in order.  Shortly after 5 the cars rolled in and the energy was building.  I hope I planned this well but I think I did and was pretty confident that it was going to be a good workout.


(complete the below two times)
10 air squats IC
10 front single leg lunges (5 each leg) IC
10 merkins IC


The Thang

EMOM (every minute on the minute)

1 min jump rope
1 min 15 merkins IC then rest

1 min jump rope
1 min 15 hammer curls IC  then rest

1 min jump rope
1 min 15 overhead press IC then rest

1 min jump rope
1 min 15 Antonio Browns IC then rest

(repeat above)


Flutter kicks IC – 15
LBC IC – 15
Leg ups IC – 15
Russian Twist – 15
High Plank for about 30 sec.


Circle of Trust


While preparing I had a hard time thinking about something that I could say that would inspire this group, they inspire me every day.  I wanted to give them something and one thing that kept coming to mind is the signed copy of Freed to Lead book the note is “keep posting”.  And as winter drags on, and maybe the excitement of being new wears off after 5 months or so, keep challenging ourselves, keep trying new things (kettle balls, new AO, etc.) and most importantly – Keep Posting

Said the Our Father

Naked Man Moleskin

I really had fun with this one, jumping rope, good music, lots of energy in the group. Awesome to see such a variety of PAX (regular Iron Lion, some that had never been to Iron Lion, others that I see at other AOs and they were there today) and really appreciated being with them all.  I hope they weren’t disappointed.

FNG – glad you made it Cade McKnown

Everyone was pretty good at jumping rope but B+ and Nacho Libre are great! It was amazing to see. B+ never seemed to tire and his footwork was incredible.  I think Nacho Libre had a rope in his hands but it was so smooth and looked so easy for him I’m not sure.

AAR – Cousin Eddie has some good feedback, I did better leading today than my previous Qs but I agree that there is room for improvement and I look forward to future Qs and trying to be better.  Thank you Cousin Eddie for having my 6 today as well as the feedback.


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