05/03/2021 - Virtuosity - On The Spot Q

AO: Virtuosity

When: 05/03/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Backdraft, Bean Counter, Bob Ross, Flutie Flakes, Frogger, Magellan, McKraken, Moonlight, Mr. Hankey, Shooter McGavin, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Sonny Bono,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:

QIC: Bean Counter


For one reason or another, Brooks was not able to log on this morning. As Site-Q, I was (kind of) ready and willing to step in and lead. I recited the 5 core principals. I gave the disclaimer. Still no Brooks … so we were off into WoR!


Good Mornings IC x 12

SSH IC x 20

Arm Circles IC x 10 Forward and Backwards

:60 run out, turn around and head back to base.

YHC used this time to develop a plan.

The Thang

Varying sets of 11 style workouts.

Called upon PAX to name an exercise.


20 OH Press, 1 Merkin, 20 Mountain Climbers (each leg is 1)

19 OH Press, 2 Merkins, 20 Mountain Climbers … and so on.

We did this for about 10 minutes. I believe Backdraft got the furthest … up to 12 Merkins!


15 Squats, 1 Coupon Curl, 20 LBC’s straight count.

14 Squats, 2 Coupon Curls, 20 LBC’s … etc.

We did this for another 10 minutes. Hindsight – I should have made it 15 LBC’s…this likely would have ensured most PAX finished.


My idea to come up with something that everyone could finish failed as soon as I called on Sonny Bono. His exercise idea… 4 count Apollo Onos w/coupon adding a curl on the 4th count. So …

10 4ct Coupon Apollo Onos w/curl, 1 Coupon Swing, 3 Burpees.

9 4ct Coupon Apollo Onos w/curl, 2 Coupon Swings, 3 Burpees. … Until Mary.


Merkin Ring of Fire. I called out various plank positions while the PAX took turns doing 5 Merkins. I joked with Backdraft that he would have to do 10 instead. I purposely called Backdraft last. I said do 5 … he decided to take me up on my offer and do 10. He stole my idea … but since I left myself last, I had the last laugh (maybe)… I finished us off with 15 Merkins before calling RECOVER!. Thanks for the push Backdraft. I know you would have done 20+ if I had given you the chance!

Circle of Trust


Count-a-rama – 12 Strong!

Annoucements – Thanks…me.


My CoT was simple. You don’t know what anyone else may be going through, particularly behind close doors. I know it is typical to give a fartsacking Q a hard time. Bust his chops…give him some shit… In this case though, how do we know what happened? Maybe Brooks had a rough night with a 2.0? Maybe his phone died or something happened in his house overnight? Or maybe … he really just slept through his alarms. If that is the case, he must have needed the sleep. That is part of why siteQ’s exist. That is why we pick each other up. That is why we are brothers. It serves us best to pick up each other’s 6 rather than bring each other down or worse … kick each other while we are already down.

Naked Man Moleskin

Turns out Brooks just slept through his alarms. Being the true HIM that he is though … he offered to pick up the open Friday Q slot for a chance at redemption. I am both thankful and scared.

When I first was given this honor of being a siteQ, a piece of advice given to me was to always have your last Q readily availably in case something happens with the Q. Turns out my last Q was on Friday…on Virtuosity…with a lot of the same guys. I didn’t want to put them through that again, so I used our :60 second run to come up with an idea. So I guess the advice should be to have your last 2 Q’s available??

Either way, it was an honor, as always.

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