08/02/2021 - Black Panther - Rucking with resistance bands The Encore Presentation

AO: Black Panther

When: 08/02/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Crambone, DJ Sump Pump, Fargo, O'Douls, Parks and Rec, Sweet Gherkins, Title IX, Unicycle,

DR Names: 0

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Munson


Welcome to F3 Naperville. We are at Black Panther Ruck Club.

F3 is peer lead, in a rotating fashion, it’s held rain or shine, free to all men, ends in a circle of trust. I am not an expert. I do not know your injuries, so please modify your movements today as necessary.


Arm Circles

Goal Posts Rotations

Good Mornings

Abe Vigoda’s

Imperial Walkers

The Thang

Ruck around the AO pathway performing resistance band exercises while walking. Stopping at points to perform PT.

Band Exercises while walking- Front Overhead Spreads

Chest Press

Chest Spreads

Band Exercises at PT stops– (10) Left arm risers/20 squats

(10) Right arm risers/20 Mountain Climbers

(10) Left arm water pours/15 high plank shoulder taps

(10) Right arm water pours/10 reverse Lunges each leg

(2) Sets of curls while performed in a lunge position

The Hill Stop- Rifle carry ruck sack to top of hill/ 10 rifle carry squats/ rifle carry ruck sack to bottom

Circle of Trust

I expressed to my fellow brothers the difficulty I was having coming up with a topic for the COT today. But Sunday, I had an unexpected surprise that filled my void and I was able to share an inspiring message to the group. My eldest 2.0, surprised myself and my “M” by signing up for the Naperville Sprint Triathlon which took place yesterday. My M and my youngest 2.0, Barcode, where already signed up and had been training for this event while my eldest trained by himself preparing himself so he could surprise us. This may not sound special as you read this but his story is indeed special. He had just got his hip replaced 3 months prior, due to injuries sustained while serving our country in Afghanistan. Prior to the surgery, he spent many years walking around injured, depressed, and fighting demons that a lot of our troops deal with when returning back from Theatre. (The War). His weight had escalated in recent years as well as mental health issues that caused him problems with family and friends. I had prayed to my God that one day before I was gone off this Earth I would like to see him healed and fighting his way back to normalcy. Well my God answered me in a big way! His post surgery rehab assignment involved swimming and biking which his PT Dr. considered low impact exercises. I knew that he had been rehabbing and was working very hard to get himself back to “work shape” but it never crossed my mind that he would be able to complete a sprint triathlon. He had lost a lot of weight prior to his surgery which was helped by prescription medicine that the Dr. put him on to allow him to get the surgery. With the weight loss, the new hip, and the fuel he needed (He saw the physical results of what F3 has been doing for myself and Barcode,  it inspired him), he has a fire now inside of him that has driven him to be at his best.  Physically and emotionally. My message to everyone today is that, I know most everyone that is out here has personal missions and goals.  I wanted to let all know that there are success stories out here and that there is hope for everyone to achieve what they put they heart into. Your F3 Brothers will fight the fight with you and have your back whenever you need it! We are here to push, inspire and help get you to crush your goals! Keep fighting the good fight brothers! AYE!


Naked Man Moleskin

A special thanks to O’Doul’s for holding my 6 today! There was confusion on who’s duties it was and he stepped right up! Thanks to all that woke up early to join me for this beatdown! I hope everyone enjoyed the special encore presentation Ruck that we smashed today!

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  1. Munson

    My Bad!! DJ SUMP PUMP was in attendance today as well. Sorry for leaving you out Brother!

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