09/14/2021 - The Complex - The Complex Pearls on a String

AO: The Complex

When: 09/14/2021


Number of Pax: 21

Pax Names: Appletini, Bob Ross, Columbus, Dr. Ralph, FakeID, FIB, Goldmember, Jackie Chiles, Leuben, Marla Hooch, Mia Hamm, Mom's Group, PVC, Sam Walton, Snots, Streisand, Turner, Uncle Rico, Vegan, Waterfall, Webelos,

DR Names: n/a

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Goldmember

QIC: @Mr. Nice Guy


Please join us for a pearls on a string workout. About 2 miles run. Shouldn’t be anything that will interfere with IPC wk 2. There might be a few burpees but not too many.

No coupon

Please HC in the thread :arrow_heading_down: and I look forward to seeing you there.


30 SSH IC (I planned to do 20 but there was some sloppy cadence so continued until we synced up, in the end we got there)

10 Slow High Knees IC

10 slow squats IC

10 Grady corns IC

The Thang

Pearls on a String, SSH until the 6 is in

Run past tennis to right field of field 1
10 merkins on my down

Run west to right field of field 3
10 squats on down

Run up the path to trail that goes to pavilion
10 merkins on down

Run path to parking lot
10 squats on down

Run through lot to lot by entrance and courts
10 merkins on down

Run west on path to left field of field 5
10 squats on down

Run down path to path toward pavilion
10 big boys on up

Run path to parking lot
10 burpees IC

Run back down path to main path that where we just come from
10 big boys on up

Run down path to right field of field 3
10 burpees IC

Run to right field of field 1
10 big boys on up

Run to flags
10 burpees IC

Bird dogs – 15 IC

Clam shells – 30 each leg on my up

Heel touches – 15 IC

American Hammers – 15 IC (slow)

Circle of Trust

Told the story about the female service member (not sure which branch) who was prepared and saved lives after The Pentagon was hit on 9/11.  She was down, heavy smoke, next to her was a civilian worker who was very overweight.  The service member couldn’t carry her.  She got her onto her back and low crawled 100 yards to then get her out the window to safety.  After, she went back into the smoke to save someone else.

Many of us have low crawled and we know how difficult that it, let alone with an overweight person on your back.  This service member had done hard things physically and mentally and was prepared.

In our own ways, we are out here doing hard things together and trying to get fit and prepared. It’s the first quadrant of QSource, Get Right.  We are trying and helping each other and need each other to get right, do hard things and be prepared. Probably (hopefully) not anything like what happened at The Pentagon but all sorts of things that we will be able to do and not get rattled (like carrying the families luggage in the heat, unexpected things that come up some big, some small, and maybe in an emergency situation we will be better prepared to help)

Prayers for:

Glenn’s, his M, his family

Appletini’s brother Tom

C-Bus’ MIL suffering from ALS

Silent intentions

Naked Man Moleskin

Been a while since I Qd at The Complex.

Turner contacted me the day before as the Site Q, solid all around, thank you!

It was really great to have the group we had, I always want to do a good job for the PAX and make worth their time and when I started seeing the HC I wanted to make sure things were tight as can be.

Great to be around and lead the workout for such a high quality group of HIMs.  It was great, I even met a couple PAX for the first time and we had an FNC, Goldmember, thanks to Turner.

One memory from this morning: I’m running as fast as I can (at that time), Uncle Rico and C-bus are pulling away from the pack, I’m eating Sam Walton’s dust (again) and on my right, passing me by like I’m standing still is Bob Ross (and he was talking to me in conversation, while flying by me) – it was AWESOME.

Special Thank you to Dr. Ralph who presented F3Naperville Foundation with large donation.

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