02/10/2021 - Iron Lion - The Powder of Pain

AO: Iron Lion

When: 02/10/2021


Number of Pax: 18

Pax Names: Bootlegger, Callahan, Cousin Eddie, Dorn, Glass Joe, Goldberg, House Arrest, Mr. Belding, Mr. Burns, Nacho Libre, Nosejob, Patchouli, Piper Cub, Riunite, Sputnik, Sulley, Urban Cowboy, Wide Right,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: BabyHands


PREBLAST – IRON LION – 02/10/21 – 5:15am (EC scouting run at 4:45am):hammer::peanuts::hammer:
Not gonna lie, tomorrow is going to be hard so YHC will give you all day to think about this one. The snow is deep, be prepared. Its going to be cold, be prepared. The pace will be uncomfortable, don’t be scared, be prepared. Make that commitment below and be ready to give it AYG for 45 min.

Goldberg, WideRight, Riunite (best site Q in the biz) showed up for an EC scouting run. Gentleman’s pace but the snow was thick and treacherous, making it more challenging than expected. Crew determined the south side of IL was no good for running but YHC already knew that, just needed to convince them beforehand. Scouted the big hill to the suprise of the EC group, not a fan of running up hills during EC and let YHC hear about it. Goldberg generally leads the complaints on such matters, like a grizzly old crew leader looking out for his men. WideRight and I continued our conversation over the expression of dissatisfaction. Got in a short 2.5M run and made it back to the flags at 5:13 am to find most the crew ready to roll.

EC runs, not for everyone or everyday, but they are worth it every time I do one.


Roll call, count and a quick Capri lap to loosen it up. Back at the flags, gave PAX 15 seconds to line up shortest to tallest, they nailed it and YHC was a little disappointed we didn’t start off with some penalty work. However, was more satisfied the 18 HIMs didn’t look like a disorganized group of school children.

PAX seemed dialed in so we were onto the virgin snow covered fields.




The Thang

Thang 1: Powder of Pain (TM – Riunite)

Sprint 150 meters (I measured)

Elbow and face deep in snow – 10 slow merkins

Sprint back 150 meters

30 LBC with feet up in the air, touch toes on the up (saw quite few short cuts being taken here, we’d address that later)

Sprint 150 meters

Asked PAX to rearrange themselves from tallest to shortest in 10 seconds – was not completed, penalty burpees handed out

  • 5 burpees in cadence – doesn’t sound like a lot but after the sprint and considering you were essentially throwing yourself into a foot of powdery snow, it was daunting on the PAX.

Sprint back 150 meters

Partner up, P1 starts 150 meter mosey, P2 does 3 burpees and then runs to catch P1, P1 does 3 burpees and runs to catch P2 until 150 meters is completed.

Repeato 15o meter back, replacing 3 burppes with 3 bonnie blairs (hard way)

Patchouli clearly the fastest cat in this bunch.

Thang 2

At this point Nacho tried to convince the PAX there were more of them and a coup would easily be achieved, PAX just looked at Nacho in disgust.

Mosey back to the flags, PAX were given 15 seconds to line up youngest to oldest, PAX called out ages starting with the youngest PAX (Nose Job – 36), to the oldest PAX (House Arrest – 47), completed and PAX rejoiced when they nailed it, no penalty burpees.

19 person Indian run 1/4 mile to the big hill

50% speed up the hill, backward walk/mosey/run back down the hill. YHC was surprised with the shock from the PAX, perhaps it was just Nacho, but some grumbling was heard. YHC had a good view of everyone coming down the hill, could see why Nacho was grumbling, those tiny little feet struggled on the way down and he looked like a frail figure skater trying to maneuver their first double lutz.

75% speed up the hill, crawl bear/crawl bear slide to bottom of the hill

PAX given 10 seconds to line up oldest to youngest, nailed it again.

100% speed up the hill 1 vs 1 race, Patchouli clearly the fastest cat in this bunch.  Backward walk, mosey to bottom of the hill

100% speed, pick your 1 vs 1 partner to race, Patchouli clearly the fastest cat in this bunch, catching PAX that left 3 groups in front of him.

Gather at west base of the hill in the parking lot, 10 slow merkins to recover.

Partner up, P1 starts 1/4 mile run to flags, P2 does 3 burpees and then runs to catch P1, P1 does 3 burpees and runs to catch P2 until 150 meters is completed.


Made up for the poor form on the LBCs with toe touches earlier, got 30 good ones in

Hold 6 inch (or your definition of 6 inches) leg lift till 6am – Riunite saved the day.

Circle of Trust

Quoted a passage from my current book I’m reading (courtesy of Aladdin) on failure and disappointment. See picture attached in Slack. Essentially, if you’re not failing or disappointed your not reaching high enough. Its inevitable, how you react and learn from it is more important than worrying about it happening.

Naked Man Moleskin

Riunite – Best site Q in the biz, man has attendees laid out prior to workout, shows up with the Q shows up, even if thats for an EC run, and picked up the six when requested/needed

Goldberg – layoff the fried chicken and coke, your NOR shows what it does to you 😉

Sputnik – lost his keys in the snow, zipper pockets bro!

House – locked his keys in the car, stranding Patchouli, Nacho took them home.

Patchouli – beastmode through the snow and up the hill, silent assassin

Piper Cub, Mr Belding, NoseJob and Sully should be up on your list if you get to draft a team, athleticism on display today

Glass Joe and Bootlegger, nice work today and way to push through

Callahan, Wide Right, Mr Burns, Cousin Eddie, Dorn and Urban Cowboy were all business today, quietly putting in the work

Nacho – I know you don’t care about my observations or opinion, but I know your read this BB, smooches tiny dancer 😉



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  1. Nacho Libre

    Since such a bevy of accusations were made against my fine character, I feel in necessary to provide my side of the story. First of all, in response to Baby Hands accusations that I tried to foment insurrection and lead a coup, he is absolutely correct. I most certainly did once I realized we would be doing a 19 man Indian run on the way to a sledding hill after running sprints in a foot of snow. As for the rest of his incendiary remarks, all are true as I did complain . . . a lot. Second, I would be remiss if I didn’t share my thoughts on this Q so that they live in the comment section in perpetuity. Their have been a small handful of Q’s that will forever leave a lasting impression on me simply because of the pain level. Attempting to get Rain Man and Townie to hide in the bushes with me during Diablo’s Q the day after completing the Meatloaf’s Massacre IPAX workout was one such memory. Running the ski hill at 4 Lakes while cranking out merkin after f’ing merkin during a House Arrest Black Diamond was another. Congratulations Baby Hands, you just made the list. Well structured and pushing the limits of sanity, this Q made me feel like I was just starting F3 for the first time again. For all those that were there, we are walking a bit taller now. That was not the case directly post workout as it really felt more like a zombie apocalypse. You know the scene in every horror movie when the guy is trying to get his car unlocked as the psychotic murder is running toward him? That was the same feeling I got when I saw that Sputnik had lost his keys in the snow and House Arrest had locked his in his car. They had a look like they were just waiting for Baby Hands to give them more penalty burpees. If you check out the NoR on Instagram, look at Goldberg’s face. If that doesn’t scream, “Don’t throw up, don’t throw up, don’t throw up,” I don’t know what does. Nose job might still be frozen in a snow drift right now, I can’t confirm either way. And then there was Glass Joe – sweet, innocent, naïve Glass Joe. It’s like watching a baby deer wander into a cage with a hungry lion. Only this deer made it out alive, good job GJ. All in all, that will become a shared memory for us and a tip of the cap to BH for not actually murdering anyone.

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