01/12/2021 - Virtuosity - Virtuosity Run Club

AO: Virtuosity

When: 01/12/2021


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Backdraft, Bean Counter, Bob Ross, Cannoli, Chun Li, Flutie Flakes, Glenn, Mudslide, Sonny Bono, Zelda,

DR Names: Disco Ball, Farley, Hahvard, McKraken

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bean Counter


I have been doing a few OYO runs on Thursdays but its been a while since I have been an F3 Run Club. I figured others might enjoy logging some miles with the added push of knowing your F3 brothers were pushing themselves at the same time.

Pre-Blast – Tuesday January 12th 5:15am – Virtuosity :run: Run Club?! :run:That’s right @channel, I plan on trying something a little different for our post tomorrow. I am attempting to bring a little run club style workout to the virtual gloom. No distance measurement required but you will want to have some sort of time piece and/or phone with you. This post will require outdoor participation! If you have a lighted vest or something similar, wear it. Dress appropriately and LFG!

Have your coupons ready…cause why not? Warning…this likely will NOT be #MABA friendly. Sorry, not sorry!

(Note…In the end I did apologize for the lack of burpees…we all have some making up to do throughout the day.)


Good Mornings IC x 15

Open the Gates IC x 10 (alternating legs)

Close the Gates IC x 10 (alternating legs)

Legs and hips should be loose and ready to go!

The Thang

It is Run Club… so we RAN!

Seriously though, I tried to think of a way where we would still be somewhat ‘together’ and also enable us to check in on each other. So the plan was to break up the run into 10 minute segments with a little recovery exercises in between.

Leg 1 – Run out 5 minutes, turn around and run back OR find yourself a 10 minute loop. When you get back, do Tappy Taps while we wait for all to come in. Once everyone was confirmed back we performed:

Tappy Taps IC x 10

Alternating Twist Lunges with Coupon on my down x 10

Leg 2 – Run out 5 minutes, turn around and run back OR find yourself a 10 minute loop. When you get back, do Grady Corns while we wait for all to come in. Once everyone was confirmed back we performed:

Grady Corns IC x 10

Coupon OH Deep Squat on my down x 10

Leg 3 – Run out 5 minutes, turn around and run back OR find yourself a 10 minute loop. When you get back, do Finkle Swings while we wait for all to come in. Once everyone was confirmed back we performed:

Finkle Swings IC x 10 each leg

Imperial Squat Walker IC x 10



Seated Flutter Kicks IC x 15

LBC’s OYO until time is called. YHC got up to about 20.


Circle of Trust

Count-a-rama (14 Strong)

Announcements (Thanks Chun-Li)

Name-a-rama (always nice to have some DR representation!)

Prayer Requests (Farley’s doggie, Carmen San Diego and his mother, Cannoli, his M, and their soon to be born baby)


I ended up getting on a tangent talking about how one of the things I really enjoyed (?) about my first ever post was the amount of running that was seamlessly incorporated into the actual workout. It was something that I was definitely missing in my workout routine. I have done some OYO running this summer but I really enjoyed the aspect of having other PAX going through the run with you. I also figured some other PAX who have never gotten to experience a Run Club might enjoy the variety.

My main message though, once I finally came back around, was to appreciate some of the little things for what they are. We sometimes focus too much on some of the bigger picture things and get wrapped up or lost in the chaos of it all. My youngest 2.0 (Tyson) turned 2 this past Sunday. While we initially felt some guilt about not being able to have a party for him or some other type of family gathering, we decided to make the best of the situation.

We ended up ordering him some balloons, putting up some decorations, and ordering him a cake. We had a family zoom call to sing happy birthday. The most successful thing we did though; we blew up our inflatable pool with a built-in slide that we typically use outside in the summer. We put it in the family room. We through in some balloons and ball pit balls. The kids has a blast. They were completely non-stop ALL DAY! We were off feeling sorry that Tyson wouldn’t get the same ‘fun’ party as my oldest did when he turned 2 but instead, the kid honestly had the time of his life. It just made me realize that we can’t get too wrapped up over some of the larger scale things that may be out of our control. Be like Tyson… enjoy the little things. Something so simple as a blown up pool has been the highlight of my year so far. It was truly heart warming and something I will try to remember as the year continues.


Naked Man Moleskin

I appreciate the 13 other PAX that joined me today. I had told my M that I was curious if I would still get the HC’s given the ‘running’ nature of the post. I was happy to see that there was still some interest. I was secretly hoping we would have at least 8 PAX but less than 16. Why? Just so that we would all fit on one screen on my laptop so that it would be easier to check in on everyone and make sure we returned safely. 14 ended up being perfect. Trust me when I say that running is NOT my thing. However I have come to terms with the fact that it is an important part of my fitness journey and I need to embrace it. Truth Bomb…I really just wanted to show off my new lightest vest my M got me for Christmas! 😉

It was fun briefly going down memory lane discussing my first ever post. Cannoli dragged me out there after a few weeks of EHing. It was Bob Ross’ 400th post and he was on Q! Wow.

Thanks for all the love guys. Off to finish my burpees. See you tomorrow.

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