11/19/2020 - The Complex - Burpee-Vators, The Ricky Bobby and Step-Up Beat-downs

AO: The Complex

When: 11/19/2020


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Bunyan, Flush, Giggles, Last Call, Leuben, Mayhem, Mia Hamm, Nair, Poutine, Sparky, Tang, Waterfall, Webelos,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: Flush


Circle Up

-Disclaimer: F3 is FREE (#1), open to all men (#2), held outdoors rain or shine (#3), peer-led in a rotating fashion (#4), and always ends in a Circle of Trust (#5). I am not a professional. I am not aware of any injuries you may have – push yourself, but MODIFY as necessary. You are here of your own free will. The creedo of F3 is, “Leave no man behind, leave no man where you found him.”


Mosey lap around the parking lot

“Burpee-vators”: Motivators from 6 with # of Burpees at the end of each round (for example, 6 full SSH, 6 ½ SSH, 6 Standing Jacks, 6 Vertical Bounces, 6 Burpees counted down…then 5…4…and so on).

The Thang

Thang 1

The “Ricky Bobby” – Drives Car No. 26 – “If you Ain’t First, You’re last!”

Set up 6 cones equidistant 

-Cone 1: 26 Merkins

-Cone 2: 26 Bonnie Blairs

-Cone 3: 26 Carolina Drydocks

-Cone 4: 26 Big Boy Sit-Ups 

-Cone 5: 26 Shoulder Taps (Both taps count as 1 rep)

-Cone 6: 26 Turkish Get-Ups

From starting point, mosey to Cone 1, perform exercise and then mosey back to start point; 26 SSHs; repeat for each Cone in sequence. Finish with 26 SSHs after Cone 6.


Thang 2

Head over to Pavilion

Steps-Ups – 100 Step-Ups total; but every 20 step-ups must be followed by 20 dips and 20 Irkins. 

London Bridge IC – 4 part movement. Starting position is plank with your head at the base of a wall. In cadence move one hand up to the wall, then the other hand to the wall (so you’re balanced against the wall with both hands) then move one hand to the ground and the other hand to the ground. 10 count.

Wall Sit for Time: 90 seconds, 20 second recovery; 60 seconds, 15 seconds recovery; and 30 seconds to finish.



Freddy Mercury’s IC – count to 30

Leg Lifts straight count to 30

For the last three minutes, Hold High Plank, Low Plank, Right arm up, Left arm up, back to High Plank and finish with Low Plank.

Circle of Trust

The precise Q I had planned for today didn’t sync to my phone so I was without it. But the takeaway here was the importance of planning (because I was able to remember it pretty clearly as a result) and the flexibility of accepting you may have to improvise on the fly in order to make the Q a success.

Prayers for Poutine’s 2.0

Naked Man Moleskin


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